Invoke-customs are only supported starting with Android O ( — Min-API 26) — Solution

Error: The stack trace log is: Error: Invoke-customs is only supported starting with Android O (–min-api 26) Reason: Probably, one of the reasons for this Invoke-customs support error is using the Lambda functions/Expressions rather than inline callbacks as the Lambda functions/Expressions are introduced in Java 8 and the application must be compatible with Java 8 […]

Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Programming is one of the important aspects of technology. In other words, Programming forms the base of technology. What are the top programming languages to learn in 2022? JavaScript JavaScript is a widely-used programming language. It allows the developers to create dynamic web pages such as animated graphics, interactive maps, and many more. JavaScript is […]

Top 6 online payment gateway in India

In the financial year 2021, around 44 billion digital payments were recorded across India. This was an increase compared to the previous three years. Nevertheless, the total value of these transactions decreased in 2021 compared to the previous year. In this blog, you will get an outline of the Online Payment Gateway for digital payments […]

OpenCV for Beginners

OpenCV is a cross-platform library that is used to develop real-time computer vision applications. Ever wondered how your picture perfectly outlines your face with the filter? Wondered how your cars give a crash alert while in reverse gear? Thought of the basics of google lens? Wondered how your paper crops up flawlessly while being scanned? […]

What is Headless CMS?

What is CMS? A CMS stands for Content Management System. A CMS is software where users can create, manage, modify content on a website without the need for specialized technical knowledge. What is Traditional CMS? A Traditional CMS is where the frontend (presentation layer) and the backend (content database and edit interface) are directly connected. […]


There are two primary types of solutions for databases: SQL and NoSQL – or relational databases and non-relational databases. Relational databases are structured and have predefined schemas, like phone books that store phone numbers and addresses. Non-relational databases are unstructured, distributed, and have a dynamic schema, like file folders that hold everything from a person’s […]

10 Useful Developer Tools that You Probably Need to Use

As developers, we always have a lot of tasks to do daily when we develop. Hence, we need some tools to make our life easier and help us boost our productivity. There are many tools created specifically for developers and have a lot of benefits for us. This article will give you a list of […]

Top PHP Frameworks For Web Development In 2021

Planning to launch a new website? Worried about which web development framework to grasp on? Well, creating a website includes a lot of maths. Choosing the right web development platform to launch the website, there are a lot of things involved to make a successful launch. Talking about web development platforms, PHP is the most […]

10 Useful JavaScript Coding Techniques That You Should Use

JavaScript is everywhere these days. You can do almost everything with just JavaScript (Web development, Mobile, Desktop, and so on). In addition to that, it’s very friendly and powerful at the same time. The ecosystem of JavaScript is vast. There are many libraries and frameworks that you can use to save time and speed up […]

Big Companies that use Node.js for Backend: How they get Benefit from It?

Node.js is a JavaScript server environment that runs code outside a browser. The technology is a perfect match for many websites like streaming, games, time trackers, social media applications, etc. It offers a scalable and rapid solution for real-time applications. Node.js has become a highly trending technology that many companies have adopted, including some of […]