Big Companies that use Node.js for Backend: How they get Benefit from It?

Top Companies Node.js

Node.js is a JavaScript server environment that runs code outside a browser. The technology is a perfect match for many websites like streaming, games, time trackers, social media applications, etc. It offers a scalable and rapid solution for real-time applications.

Node.js has become a highly trending technology that many companies have adopted, including some of the most prominent players like Netflix and PayPal.

Is Node.js Really Changing the Market?

According to Stack Overflow, Node.js is the absolute leader in the world of technology with 50.4%. So, what makes it so famous?

According to the latest Node.js report, this technology has a substantial impact on business: it allows a 68% increase in developer productivity, a 48% increase in application performance, and a 13% increase in customer satisfaction.

Why do developers choose to work with Node.js?

First, this JavaScript environment is simple to work with, and it enables the execution of the code on the server-side. Secondly, it allows high scalability as well as rapid development cycles. Finally, it is the go-to technology with a robust open-source community.

The Top 10 Widely Known Companies Using Node.js for the Backend

Based on the list of Node.js usage advantages, it is easy to believe that among the biggest companies that used Node.js are NASA, Uber, and Twitter.


Netflix is the largest streaming content and video-on-demand provider company with 203.66 million subscribers worldwide.


NASA is one of the most well-known enterprises in the world.


Trello is a tool for project management, which is used across industries and countries. A platform like this requires instant updates in real-time without latency, which is why Trello is one of the companies that use Node.js for its server-side.


With over 300 million active accounts, PayPal is a worldwide leader in the industry of online payments and transfers. It has become one of the companies using Node.js.


LinkedIn is the world’s biggest social media platform built for business and employment networking. Its popularity continues to grow, with 650 million users from more than 200 countries.


Uber is another ever-growing platform that expands the number of users every six months operating in 68 countries worldwide. Due to the always-increasing number of connections, Uber had to create a real-time architecture. That is why Uber is now one of the companies that use Node.js for its backend.


More than 80% of the account holders on Twitter access it via a smartphone, which led to a decision to build Twitter Lite — an application with minimum functionality that can run even with a poor internet connection. The website version of Twitter wasn’t optimized for a slow internet connection. This led Twitter to become one of the companies that use Node.js.


eBay is another example of companies using Node.js for its backend. With 183 million users, eBay is the biggest marketplace that offers C2C and B2C online sales services.


Groupon is the largest marketplace for coupons, deals, and discounts with 43 million customers. In 2019, when Groupon accomplished the mark of 200 million downloads, it faced scalability issues. That is when the company moved to Node.js


Medium is a world-renowned online publishing platform that uses Node.js with over 100 million users. Medium has improved user experience as well as accelerated the deployment time with Nodejs.

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