What are the Higher-Order Functions and How to use them in JavaScript

JavaScript is a functional programming that accepts Higher-Order Functions. Higher-Order Functions are widely used in JavaScript. To understand this concept, you must have to understand what Functional Programming is and the concept of First-Class Functions. What is Functional Programming In simple words, Functional Programming is a form of programming in which you can pass functions […]

Firebase vs AWS — Google Firebase vs Amazon Lambda

Nowadays, apps are coming with more robust features than ever before which makes storing an application on hosting service a great challenge. With serverless architectures, you can build your infrastructure from different components in the cloud and send them to managed servers. AWS or Google Firebase use computing resources only when it needs them. It […]

Why you should learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is the need of the modern web and a must-have skill. JavaScript is a scripting language that enables you to create dynamically updated content, animate images, and control multimedia, etc. It is used both on the client-side and server-side that allows you to make web pages interactive. Front-end Web Development When used with HTML & CSS, JavaScript creates the […]