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Merge two text file into third using Python

Merge two text file into third

# Open a file1 in read mode
with open("file1.txt", "r") as file1:
    # Read its content
    text1 =

# Open a file2 in read mode
with open("file2.txt", "r") as file2:
    # Read its content
    text2 =

# Open a file3 in write mode
with open("file3.txt", "w") as file3:
    # Write all the content in file3


In above program, we have read two files (file1.txt and file2.txt) using open() function and stores it's output into respective variables i.e. text1 and text2.

Finally, we have copied the content of both variables into file3.txt.

Mode Name Description
r Read Opens a file for reading, returns an error if the file does not exist. It is a default mode.
w Write Opens a file for writing a file, creates the file if it does not exist or deletes the content of the file if it exists.